BA, Fine Art, MA RCA, MA Film Studies, Rome Scholar, ARBS (Associate Royal Society of British Sculptors).



1977 – 80   Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, BA Sculpture
1980 – 83   Royal College of Art, London, MA Sculpture
1983 – 84   Stanley Picker Fellow, Sculpture, Kingston University, London
1984 – 86   Prix de Rome Scholar in Sculpture, British School at Rome
1988           Stanley Picker Gallery Sculpture Commission
1991 – 92   Tate Gallery Fellow [First Fellow], Tate Gallery Liverpool
2000           Wolaston Award Nomination Royal Academy, London

Solo Exhibitions

2008    Infinity Flies the Gales, Chelsea Arts Club, London.
2008    As Sculpture is Wedded to Silence, Champdeau, France
2007    Museum Dust, San Sebastian, Pays Basque, France
2006    Door, Mairie D Espelette, Pays Basque, France
2003    Becoming Visible, Pilgrim Gallery, London
2002    Dusting the Giant, Palazzo Crispi, Naples, Italy
2001    Origin and Ash, Salo Uno Gallery, Rome, Italy     
2000    Rubbing, Small Mansions Art Centre, London
1998    Figuring It Out, Hammerson Building, 100 Park Lane, London
1997    Evidence, FRM, Albermarle Street, London
1996    Signature Remaining, Harriet Green Gallery, Soho, London
1995    Skin of Shadows, Milton Gallery, St Paul’s School London
1991    Plumage Of Recognition, Watermans Art Centre, London
1990    Recognition: Drawings From A Series, Tate Gallery, Liverpool
1989    Becoming, Coexistence Gallery, Islington London
1986    Nomads, 369 Gallery, Edinburgh
1984    Where The Artist Sleeps, Kingston University, London
1983    Not Waving But Drowning, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

Group Exhibitions  


2009    18 @ 108, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London.
            While Rome Burns, Queens Elm Gallery, London.
2008     Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.
            Stanley Picker Gallery, London.
2007     Homage, Waldorf Hotel, London.
             RAC Club, London
            Tom Bendhem: Collector. Contemporary Art Society UK Tour
            Gallery Nomad, Kings Road, London
        Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London                                
2004    Ceramic Isolites, St Galmier, France
2003    Pride Of The Valley, Sculpture Park, Surrey
2001    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
2002    Chichester Cathedral, Sculpture Festival
2000    Size Immaterial Recent Acquisitions, British Museum, London
       Royal Academy Summer Exhibition [Wolloston Prize Nomination]
1998    Transit, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, London
            Presence, Group Small Mansion Art Centre, London
       Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
1997     Marking Presence, Artsway, Sway
             London Group, Annual Exhibition, London
            Check-out’, Watermans Art Centre, London
       Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
1996     British Medal Society Exhibition, London
       Specific Gravity, Quicksilver Gallery, London
       London Group Annual Exhibition
       Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
1995    Confluence, Museum of the Order St John, London
       London Art Fair, Business Design Centre, London
       Royal Academy Summer Exhibition {invited artist}, London
1991   Scottish Young Contemporaries, Royal Academy, Edinburgh
1985   Artisti dell’ Accademia Britannica, British School, Rome
          Artisti dell’ Accademia Britannicadi, Bisonte Galleria, Florence
1984   Artisti dell’ Accademia Britannica, British School, Rome
          International Art Fair, Demarco Gallery, Barbican, London
               Demarcation, Demarco Gallery Edinburgh Festival,
          Olympia International Arts Fair, Demarco Gallery, London
1983   Lieux d’ artistes, Marseille, France
          Bath Festival Of Arts, Richard Demarco Gallery, Bath
          Summer Show 1, Serpentine Gallery, London
     1982  The Fifth Note, Hilderbrandtstrasse, Dusseldorf Germany


  Arts Council of Great Britain
  British School at Rome, Italy
  Contemporary Arts Society, London
  British Museum, London
  Dundee University Fine Art Collectiion
  Stanley Picker Gallery ‘Fellows Collection’, London
  Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens        
  Ferens Art Gallery        
  Harris Museum & Art Gallery        


 Private Collections:

 England, Scotland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, America, Australia.


www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/ exhibitions/brian-mccann/default.shtm